Try it First

Each year, we have opportunities for you to try out the sport before you join and commit financially....see if YOU like the sport AND the team!

Give-It-A-Try Paddles 

Contact us to find out when our first practices of the season will be - we are excited to meet you!

Time: TBD
Location: Cultus Lake Marina, at the end of Sunnyside Blvd.
Address - 50 Sunnyside Blvd, Cultus Lake, BC V2R 4Z5
 Click here for Google Map
If you are planning to come please email so we can make sure we are prepared for you.
There is no fee for your first couple try-it-out paddles.

FAQs...what do I wear/bring: 

  • Warm clothing that is okay to get wet (not cotton if possible)
  • waterproof jacket
  • warm footwear (boots or runners with wool socks...they may get wet)
  • paddling gloves*
  • PFD and paddle
  • Plastic or other soft water bottle (No metal water bottles, please! They damage the boats)
  • Dry clothes/towel to sit on for the ride home (optional)
We can supply: PFD (lifejacket) and paddle...advance notice is required for these items.

*Make your own gloves: If you don't have paddling gloves, wear a thin glove (dollar store) under dishwashing rubber gloves. You'll be glad you did. The water is cold in March and yes, your hands will get wet!

We are Trying It Out! - Look at all the smiles!

A previous Try-It-Out paddle - Click for all six photos.

Watch videos of team members sharing why "This is for Me!"


cultusgal said...

This site is great! Very motivational and welcoming to the land lover! This might just be the year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cultusgal!
We look forward to meeting you - and are hoping that this is the year for you!

Sharon Simpson said...

Cultusgal - if you are interested in trying it out, give our captain a call - Tami - 604.703.3690

Jocelyn said...

My girlfriend and I will be there this sat to try it out! :)