This Is For Me!

These are the stories of the women whose lives have been impacted through their experience of paddling with the Water Warriors Team. Our team is much more than recreation - it's a place to belong, de-stress, find friends and get out onto an incredibly gorgeous lake - AND get healthy and fit.

"I really wondered if I could do it -
now I wonder how I ever lived without it."
- Patti


Patti says: "When I moved from Alberta to Chilliwack, I knew very few people. I had never imagined joining a dragonboat team. In fact, dragonboating wasn't on my radar. I was hooked from the very first try-it-out session. It's incredible to be on the water. It's a time for me to exercise, see friends and get out on the lake - all in one. I've been paddling with Water Warriors for five seasons."

"I started paddling just after I opened up my own business.
I needed a place to unwind and a new way to manage my stress."
- Sharon (Paddler, 2007-2013, Coach 2014, 2015)


Sharon says: "I've been paddling with Water Warriors since 2005. The first time I tried it out, I was terrified that I'd fall in the lake in front of everyone. I didn't. When we stopped paddling, another person asked the caller, 'Can we smoke on the boat?" I KNEW that I didn't need to smoke while I was exercising, so that was my moment of decision. I wouldn't be the least fit person on the boat. And so, I began a sport that has hooked me in forever."

"Dragonboating is a sanity saver."
- Jacqui

Sharon (left) and Jacqui (right)

Jacqui says: "It is important to have balance in your life, including time for yourself. Twice a week, I'm guaranteed time for myself by being a committed team member. Dragonboating with the Water Warriors gives wellness for my body and my soul."

"My life is like a boat. Either you sink or float. I choose to float."
- Anita


Anita says: "I knew that if I didn't make changes in my life, I was heading for something difficult. It was time to get into the boat instead of sinking on the bottom. I found hope, friendships, encouragement, EXCITEMENT (that's a really important one) and life again!"

"I love dragonboating."
- Shirley


"This is really fun - It's a good challenge. I love it."
- Kate


"I was terrified of the water. I needed to face my fears."
- Nhon

Paula (left) and Nhon (right)

"Everything about dragon boating is fantastic. 
Exercise, laughter, being part of a team, laughter, 
racing, medals, beer gardens, laughter..."
- Linda


"I didn't grow up doing sports. Before dragonboating, I was never on a team sport. 
I love that I can get my exercise in one of the most beautiful places on our planet."
- Carrie


"I've always been an adrenalin addict and this is right up my alley.
I love paddling and I love steering the boat."
- Paula
Note: any paddler who would like to try out steering is welcome too!


"A few years ago, I was very unhealthy. I made a huge turnaround,
but, I needed to find new and healthy activities to fill my life.
Dragonboating was my ANSWER! Thank you Water Warriors!"
- Karen


"I have so much fun with my friends.
Paddling is a way of dealing with stress and a healthy part of my life."
- Shannon

If you’re willing to declare, “I am an athlete”, even for a little while… your relationship with your body will change.  Perhaps your posture will be the first transformation. Then your expectations. When you think of yourself as an athlete, it might begin to seem perfectly normal-imperative even, to devote time each day to physical fitness.
We Are All Athletes, Mariah Burton Nelson

We didn’t all come over in the same ship, but here we are in the same boat. - Unknown

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