The Water Warriors currently has spots available on the team.
We'd love for you to join us!


We are an all-women's recreational team that practices twice a week at Cultus Lake. Our team is a member of the larger dragonboat club, Sudden Impact.

There are 30 spots on the team.
20 paddlers can fit in the boat at each practice or race. We sit in pairs in 10 rows. There is a steersperson at the back of the boat (steering with a large oar) and a caller at the front of the boat (drumming), totalling 22 women in the boat. We need 14 women at each practice in order to take the boat out on the lake (plus the steersperson and the caller).

We practice twice per week and encourage you to commit to as many practices as you can attend. See practices. The season goes from early March (just after daylight savings) to the first week of September - see regattas. Our practices are usually 1.5 hours long (no, we don't paddle the whole time). At first, we paddle for a couple of minutes at a time and then take a break. By the end of the season, we will have the fitness level to paddle around the perimeter of Cultus Lake. It's awesome!

We practice with a certified dragonboat coach. She provides coaching for the team as well as individual feedback. There are usually quite a few new members of the team and she takes the time to show you how to paddle with good technique. The coach makes sure that we each learn proper technique to prevent injury and reduce stress on our joints. She is also VERY interested in building up our core muscles. This sport doesn't just use arm strength. It's a full body workout - you'll be surprised at how much you will use your abs and legs.

The financial commitment is $300/season ($150 for insurance, boat rental/maintenance and $150 for coaching fees and regatta entry fees) plus your personal travelling and accommodation costs for regattas. We have 4 one-day regattas that are within driving distance of Chilliwack. We have 2 out of town regattas that will include hotel and travel costs. We do our best to keep costs down by carpooling and sharing hotel rooms. See regattas.

All fees must paid by our first Regatta in April. You can make payment arrangements with our treasurer to pay throughout the season if that makes it possible for you to join the team.

We provide the PFD and paddle for you at practice and regattas if you do not have your own. We wear black bottoms and a team shirt (provided or available for purchase) when we compete.

You may want to purchase your own equipment as you grow to love the sport. Most women on the team eventually own their own paddle, PFD, gloves and team shirt. Our team PFD color is "mango". It's good to talk to women who have been paddling for a few seasons to find out about the variety of PFDs and gloves that you can purchase and discover what will work best for you. Learn more about the gear you'll need - click here.

We're looking forward to getting to know you and sharing the sport that we love.

Contact us to get started!

Watch videos of team members sharing why "This is for Me!"


Water Warriors is part of the Sudden Impact Dragonboat Club.

Sudden Impact Dragonboat Club also has these teams:

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